Dental Implants

Dental Implants in India, Mumbai

Dental implants are today’s best replacement alternative to missing teeth in terms of form, function, and aesthetics. Implants are now used as routine treatment for an entire range of problems from replacing a single tooth to full oral rehabilitation and even for reliable denture retention..
A dental implant is a titanium screw which is used to replace the root of a missing tooth. After it fuses with the jaw bone, it is used to give support to the tooth crown. Thus a new, artificial tooth is made which improves the smile, speech, and chewing functions. At Kadali's, we use only the best dental implant systems from the world over e.g. Nobel Biocare, Bio Horizon, IHDE , gen XT, Osstem ,Equinox, Myraid etc. to suit each patient’s dental requirements.
Depending on the technology and time frame involved, implants can be of different types

Immediate implants

In this procedure, the dental implants are placed at the same time after the teeth are extracted. The top crowns/fixed teeth may or may not be placed in the same trip depending on the bone condition.

Single stage or Immediate loaded dental implants

Immediate dental implants technology can be used by almost 99% of the patients. This technology provides an immediate solution to tooth loss, whether it is a single tooth missing, few teeth missing, all teeth missing or any number of teeth to be removed and replaced. The salient feature of immediate dental implants is that it ossifies immediately. The restorations (crowns, bridges) are completed within few days time. Restorative options are flexible depending on patient requirements.

Basal Implants

patient's picture before getting dental implants
patient's picture after getting dental implants
patient smiling before treatment. Gaps in teeth
patient smiling after treatment. No gap in teeth
With this Swiss-based revolutionary technology, patients with insufficient bone can also easily opt for implant treatment without the need for bone grafts, sinus lift procedures etc. It has made implant treatment possible for one and all. Basal implants are a revolutionary and completely new method for dental implantation, where there is no need for bone augmentation even in the worst cases. And the entire treatment with fixed teeth can be completed within 3 to 5 days.
Characteristics of basal implants and screws
  • Basal implants have a special form that allows their placement even in cases of severe bone atrophy in patients with 'insufficient' bone level
  • Basal implants are placed in one visit thus this method is less traumatic.
  • Basal implants are the first choice for moderate or severe atrophy of the jaw, and in cases where patients want immediate restoration of masticatory function.
  • No substitute bone (bone augmentation) and sinus lift are necessary before placing the implants
  • Basal implants can be placed in smokers and patients with diabetes.

Single tooth

A single implant and its crown ( top tooth) are placed in the area of the missing tooth.

Multiple teeth

If the missing teeth are in different areas, several single implants with crowns can be placed. If the missing teeth are in the same area, a fewer number of implants with fixed bridges can be done.

Full mouth/ all teeth

If all teeth are missing, full mouth rehabilitation can be done using implants with fixed dentures or bridges.
picture of patient with a gap in upper teeth
inserting the implant screw in patient's mouth
dental implant screw visible and exposed
crown placed over the implant to match patient's other teeth and look natural

Conventional two stage implants

Usually two visits of 7 to 10 days each. The implant treatment usually consists of two stages with a time interval of approx 3 months between the two stages. In the First stage, the dental implant is placed. Time needed is one to two sittings. (total 7 days). In the Second stage, The artificial tooth ( crown) is placed. Time needed is three to four sittings. (total 8-10 days)
Dental Implants in India
patient smiling with no teeth
patient smiling after having full range dental implants
picture of patient's X ray before implant treatment, showing gaps
picture of patient's X ray after treatment showing mutiple inserted implants
picture of patient's mouth showing multiple missing teeth
picture of patient's mouth after getting upper and lower full range dental implants

Advantages and benefits of dental implants :

Enhanced appearance

Dental implants give new, natural looking teeth thus enhancing the smile, speech, and chewing functions. They reverse the negative impact of missing teeth by preventing bone loss and gum recession.

Improved self-esteem and confidence

Dental implants are very secure. There is no slipping, wobbling or movement. They feel more comfortable and natural compared to removable dentures and bridges.


As there is no need to file down the adjacent teeth, dental implants help to maintain and protect them.


Dental implant treatment has a very good success rate. It is one of the best and long lasting replacements for missing teeth. Good oral hygiene, healthy gums, and adequate bone structure all contribute to implant success.

Can you opt for dental implant treatment?

Yes, if you have good general and oral health. Also required is good bone structure, healthy gums and good oral hygiene. Bone grafting may be needed in some cases. Dental implants can be used to replace all teeth, some teeth or even a single tooth.

What can you expect after dental implant treatment

The placement of the dental implants is a painless procedure carried out under local anesthesia. Following the surgery, slight pain and/or a minor swelling may be expected. In most cases, simple medication is prescribed for some days. Like natural teeth, dental implants can be easily maintained with regular brushing, flossing and periodic follow-ups with the dentist. Because of the advances in implant dentistry, today there are numerous treatment options possible. A clinical examination, x-rays and CT scan evaluations coupled with patient expectations, budget, time frame etc , enables us to give a customized treatment option to each patient. With an initial comprehensive consultation including clinical diagnosis, X-rays, and CT scans evaluations, Kadali’s dental care is now able to do 99 percent of implant cases in a single visit of 7 working days. This is a revolutionary Swiss-based technology wherein no bone grafts, sinus lifts, and complicated surgeries are not required. Plus fixed teeth can be given in the same visit.

Key Benefits at Kadali's

  • Various world renowned dental implant systems are available thus suiting different budgets.
  • Gentle and painless procedures using the most advanced techniques.
  • Implant surgery is performed by our team of internationally trained oral implantologists.
  • Aesthetic dentists perform the top teeth ( crown ) restorations thus assuring best esthetics

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